Servicing Lake Sydney Lanier
After a great run, give your Personal Water Craft one last flick of the throttle and slide up on a ShorePort for the
fastest, easiest, simplest dry dock on water. With a ShorePort from ShoreMaster, you just drive on to load and roll
off to launch, for the ultimate in docking and protecting your PWC. The adjustable polyurethane rollers and cupped
front conform to any hull design. And you can use the ShorePort with almost any dock, fixed or floating. It’s
especially good when used with ShoreMaster’s floating Uni-Dock.
Each flotation shell is rotationally molded from durable polyethylene for a seamless, one-piece construction. The polyethylene
shells are then filled with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam so they will not sink or contaminate the water even if punctured.
The polyethylene resin is a food grade material in compliance with the FDA Title 21. As a food grade material, you are ensured that
the float will not contaminate the waterway. The polyethylene resin is included in Underwriters Laboratory Class 746C and flame
class UL-94HB. The molded encasements also meet the Hunt Falling Dart puncture and thickness test.
Jet-ski Ports
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